Healing Ministries

Our Vision for Healing

The vision of Arise Christian Fellowship is to see people healed in their whole person—spirit, soul, and body—and to empower them to find real freedom in Christ, transforming their lives and personalities through spiritual growth and discipleship. This enables them to experience the higher Christian life, the risen life—encountering Jesus Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King. At Arise, we believe in:

  • Wholeness for the Whole Person. As A.B. Simpson said, “To be holy is to be whole.” Our spirit, soul, and body are interdependent and affect the health of one another. When an environment is created to draw a person near to Christ, He can reveal and remove any and all obstacles to total healing.
  • Becoming a Community of Healing. Based on our Alliance/Fourfold Gospel heritage (with Jesus Christ as Healer), we provide a community of healing—an atmosphere that fosters faith, repentance, worship, and the Word of God and releases people from the past and inner bondages. We become a “nursery of faith” or an “incubator” where faith can grow and hindrances to healing can be removed. Suffering people need others to come alongside them, lift them up, help them exercise faith, carry them to Jesus, and remove whatever is blocking them from receiving the healing power of Jesus.


 Healing Ministry Opportunities

  • Sunday morning worship (10:30 am)  We offer prayer ministry before, during, or after our weekly worship services. We never want anyone to go without receiving prayer and counsel for their needs.
  • Wednesday night Bible study (7 pm).  Our weekly Bible study sometimes focuses on healing as taught and illustrated in the Bible and always includes a time of prayer—including prayer for healing!
  • Special healing services. Occasionally, as the Spirit leads, we offer special services devoted to worship and prayer for healing. These services usually include "soaking prayer"—a time of 20 to 30 minutes of seeking God, listening for insights from the Holy Spirit, and giving the Spirit time to work within the mind, will, emotions and entire inner being of those seeking a healing touch from God.
  • Training & Equipping. We offer special courses to train people and give them practice in carrying out healing ministry. This includes teaching them to exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit in healing prayer and to be be sensitive to the Spirit and to the needs of sick and suffering people.