Knowing, Growing, Going

Welcome to Arise Christian Fellowship!

We invite you to come and get to know our family—wounded and flawed, imperfect and incomplete, but full of hope and joy—as together we walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Come and join us in getting to know Him better, to grow in the truth of His Word and the power of His Spirit, and to go out sharing and celebrating our new life in Him.

  • Share a coffee Sundays before service at 10 am
  • Sunday Service starts at 10:30 am
  • 5872 E 50 S, Lafayette Indiana

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Sound doctrine—right thinking about God, ourselves, our world, and our lives—is a priority for us. The Bible is the written Word of God, and we seek to know, grow, and live grounded in this Word.


We value community, our relationships with one another. We're that church that ends at noon but sticks around for another hour—and we have opportunities for fellowship nearly every day of the week.


We share our faith beyond our church walls. So we tell stories around a campfire, offer transportation and basic assistance to those in need—and do fun stuff like hatchet throwing and rock climbing!

  • Arise is a healing community! I invite everyone I can here because I want them to also experience being part of a community who genuinely seek to care for each other. I know everyone here has my back and will be there for me because they already have. And Larry preaches the word! He doesn't shy away from the difficult truths. Arise is church the way it was designed to be.